Telemetry week

This past week, we have checked more closely at what kind of telemetry we can make use of in the future. The units under this text are intended mostly for communication  between the rocket and mission control on the ground.

More about this coming soon..

8-ch - 433MHz receiver with diversity antenna configuration.
During a flight, so the rocket's internal computer will handle all the commands throughout the whole flight. But with this device, we can at any time step in and activate individual commands if necessary without interfering with the computer's other ongoing process.

TBS 5G8 antenna.
110° beamwidth

Long range radio unit.
This  is a EzUHF 433MHz  transmitter/receiver unit, and it is used to transmit live data between two devices, in our case between the rocket and ground mission control.

RF-modules 2.4 GHz video transmitter
To transmit live streaming video from the rocket and down to mission control we use XBee-PRO RF-modules 2.4 GHz video transmitter module. it has a transmitting range of 2000-3200 meters depending on terrain.